Tim old

Tim Drake in Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker.

Tim Drake was captured and tortured by Joker and Harley, and was turned into J.J., a miniature form of The Joker. Physically and mentally scarred, Tim Drake saw a psychiatrist, Dr. Leslie Thompkins . Bruce forbade Tim to be Robin again. They haven't seen each other till over three decades later. During the time he spent under The Joker's torture, Tim was a part of The Joker's "Greatest Experiment". Using cutting edge technology, The Joker inplanted his DNA on a microchip which he stuck to the side of Tim's neck. When the time came for him to return, The Joker began to overtake Tim's body at will; Though he had grown old, Tim was still in good condition from his days as Robin. Later, Terry McGinnis fried the microchip on Tim Drake's neck with a dropped joy buzzer, removing Joker's DNA and the chip. He is voiced by Dean Stockwell.

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