Riddler tas

Riddler in Batman: The Animated Series

Edward Nygma (AKA The Riddler) is a antagonist in Batman shows. He is voiced by John Glover.


Edward Nygma was a computer and electronics genius who was fascinated with puzzles and riddles since childhood. Extremley intelligent, and odd, he would cheat at school and feel superior to his classmates. Nygma's obsession and love for committing crimes lead him to don the guise of "The Riddler". Edward's transformation allows him to lose all sense of reality. He is best known for his lethal use of his "?" cane. It is his trademark. When his plans are ultimately foiled by batman, The Riddler's hatred turns to an obsession to outwit and ultimately destroy batman. His hatred is fueled by the suprising intellect Batman posses, which leads to his solving of Edward's riddles.

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