Terry McGinnis as Batman.

Terry McGinnis is the main protagonist in Batman Beyond. He takes Bruce Wayne's place as Batman. He is the son of Mary and Warren McGinnis, the older brother of Matt McGinnis, and the boyfriend of Dana Tan. He is voiced by Will Friedle.


Terry McGinnis is a good-looking 17-year-old high-school senior with an edgy, rebellious nature. A latchkey kid for much of his youth, Terry developed a sense of independence that often put him at odds with the world long before he became Batman. Terry hasn't come to terms with the death of his father who was killed by some thugs. When he saw the opportunity to become Batman and avenge his father's death, Terry grabbed it--despite Bruce's initial objections.

Prior to the tragedy, Terry lived with his dad because he was too much for his mom to handle. Now that he's moved back home with his mom and younger brother, he knows he has to behave. In order to facilitate being Batman, as well as bring in some extra income for his family, Terry works for Bruce Wayne and the pair share an uneasy mentor/protégé relationship.

As Batman, or the Tomorrow Knight (as the citizens of Gotham have donned him), Terry is fearless -- and he detests guns (he absolutely never uses them). Although he respects Bruce and looks to his years of experience for guidance, Terry has a tendency to defy his bounds, and overstep Bruce's instructions. Quite often, Terry learns the hard way that he should listen to his mentor.

Terry's suit is host to a lot of technologically advanced gadgetry. His suit can turn invisible, plus he has grappling hooks, a wide array of batarangs, circular spinning blades. Also on the tips of his gloved fingers are two amplifiers which, when pressed against a window or wall, can help Batman hear the conversation in the next room. Also his cowl has a two way radio, as well as special settings in his eye mask.

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