Robin TNBA

Robin in The New Batman Adventures

Tim Drake (Aka Robin) is one of the main protogonists of The New Batman Adventures, and is the current Robin. He is voiced by Matthew Valencia in TNBA, and Eli Marienthal in Static Shock, and Batman : Mystery of The Batwoman.


Tim Drake is a street kid, around 13 years old, adopted by Bruce Wayne. Tim's real father was Stephen "Shifty" Drake, who stole money from Two-Face and skipped town to escape his wrath. Tim was abandoned and forced to live on his own. A great admirer of Batman and Robin, Tim tried to act as brave and tough as his hero, and successfully eluded Two-Face's year-long efforts to capture him and force him to reveal his father's whereabouts. Eventually Two-Face captured Tim, only later to receive word through the underworld that Drake Sr. had fatally run afoul of gangsters in Metropolis. Two-Face ordered his men to kill Tim, but Batman rescued him. Later, when Batman found difficulty in stopping Two-Face's latest plan for world extermination, Tim (with the encouragement of Alfred) donned the legendary Robin costume and made his successful debut as the newest Boy Wonder!