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Nightwing in The New Batman Adventures.

Dick Grayson (AKA Nightwing) is one of the main protogonists of The New Batman Adventures. He is voiced by Loren Leaster.


After College Dick Grayson left Gotham to travel the world on his own. He learned some new crime fighting techniques and reexamined the feelings about taking the role of Robin again when he returned to Gotham. He eventually realized he outgrown the role of Robin, and set about developing a new heroic identity all his own. When Dick returned to Gotham, he moved out of Wayne Manor and into a downtown loft above a abandoned warehouse. Money from a generous trust fund set up years before by Haley's Circus enabled Dick to buy the building and as he turned its top two floors into his own high-tech urban headquarters. He is now Nightwing. He still teams up with Batman and the gang on some occassions. Nightwing will eventually leave Gotham to establish himself in Bludhaven as their prominent crime fighter.