Tnba 07

Joker gets One million dollars.

Joker's Millions is the seventh episode of Season 1 of The New Batman Adventures. The main antagonist in this episode is The Joker. It originally aired February 21st, 1998.


Joker's broke. But he inherits money from a mob boss, and plans to distribute it free to Gotham to gain positive influence, until he finds out his millions don't quite add up to his expectations.


Batman / Bruce Wayne - Kevin Conroy

Batgirl - Tara Strong

Nightwing - Loren Lester

The Joker - Mark Hamill

Harley Quinn - Arleen Sorkin

Penguin - Paul Williams

Poison Ivy - Diane Pershing

Jack Ryder - Jeff Glen Bennett

King Barlowe - Allan Rich

Ernie - Sam McMurray

Fake Harley - Maggie Wheeler

Joker's Lawyer - John Garry

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