Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson (Aka Robin) is one of the main protogonists of The Batman Animated Series


Bound together by the tragedy they share, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson's lives are distinctly similar. As part of the traveling circus's high wire act "The Flying Graysons," Dick Grayson witnessed his parents' death while they performed at the Haley Circus. A two bit extortionist, Tony Zucco, cut the wire to gain kickbacks from the circus owner. Bruce Wayne, who was in the audience, felt an instant connection to the boy and took him in.

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Dick Grayson Graduated

Dick Grayson Graduating

Shortly thereafter, Grayson became the ward of Bruce Wayne. Wayne provided him with a home, solid financial support and taught him new skills, adding to his tremendous gymnastic abilities. Eventually, Bruce Wayne allowed Grayson access to his most private world as his partner, Robin. Dick Grayson attends Gotham State University causing him to spend less time as his alter ego.But thanks to semester breaks, Dick returns to Wayne Manor where he dons his famed red and green costume whenever the need arises.