Batgirl tnba

Batgirl in The New Batman Adventures.

Barbara Gordon (AKA Batgirl) is one of the main protogonists of the New Batman Adventures. She is voiced by Tara Charendoff.


Barbara Gordon is Commissioner James Gordon's daughter, a spirited, resourceful, ambitious teenager with a sense of humor and a love for adventure. By day she works for the Gotham Police Department updating their crime files, by night she battles the underworld as Batgirl.  An all-around genius, but especially adept in all things having to do with computers ( from building to hacking to using), she graduated college a number of years early with honors in the field of computer science. Of course, she was also taught Forensics, Chemistry, some medical science, and criminal psychology by Batman. She uses this knowledge, as well as superb detective skills and excellent acrobatic and martial arts skills, to successfully take down criminals and keep Gotham and its people safe. 

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