Bane in The New Batman Adventures

Bane is an antagonist in Batman : The Animated Series & The New Batman Adventures. He is voiced by Henry Silva except for Batman :Mystery of the Batwoman he is voiced by Hector Elizondo.


Bane is an cunning Mercenary from South America. A trained killer and brilliant military strategist, Bane was turned into a unstoppable super- soldier during an experimental operation that implanted tubes into his brain. Through these tubes he can inject a steroid-like chemical called venom directly into his system and increase his strength and body mass at will.

In Batman Beyond he was addicted to the strength-enhancing drug known as venom, Bane became addicted to the drug, eventually taking it's toll on his body. Bane eventually couldn't live without the drug and is hooked up on a machine that forces it into his system on a daily basis.

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